Whitening at Veda Stom

Helps improve teeth color and achieve an attractive smile
The essence of the procedure

The essence of the procedure is to use a special gel preparation based on hydrogen peroxide. The components of the gel are activated under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp and the released active oxygen releases pigments from the enamel structure.

The whitening procedure can be performed both at home and in the clinic.

The advantage of professional whitening is that the procedure is carried out under the supervision of a doctor using special equipment, with complete isolation of the gums. When whitening at home, the patient carries out this procedure himself using aligners and a special gel.

Our clinic uses ZOOM and BEYOND clinical whitening systems.

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    How safe is whitening?

    In our clinic, teeth whitening is carried out using professional equipment, using modern methods that have proven their safety and meet international standards.

    We are supporters of safe whitening that eliminates negative effects on gums and teeth. Whitening agents act on the pigment of the tooth, thereby causing no harm.

    How safe is whitening?
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    Clinic principles

    Minimally invasive
    Comfort and high service
    Clean and sterile
    Modern methods and equipment
    Improving knowledge
    Individual approach

    How is the whitening procedure performed?

    • Isolation of gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity
    • Applying whitening gel
    • Activation of the gel with an ultraviolet lamp. The procedure consists of 4 sessions of 15 minutes each
    •  Removing residual gel and initial insulation
    • Enamel remineralization


    • How long does the whitening effect last? The effect can last from several months to several years, depending on the individual characteristics and lifestyle of the patient.
    • Is teeth whitening safe?
      When the procedure is carried out in a professional clinic and all recommendations of a specialist are followed, whitening is absolutely safe.
    • What factors can affect the results of whitening?
      Tooth enamel color, lifestyle and diet can affect whitening results.

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