Implantation in Veda Stom

The most modern way to restore teeth
Dental implantation

Dental implantation is a modern method of replacing missing teeth. The process itself involves the installation of “supports” into the jaw bone tissue, which can fully replace the roots of the teeth. A crown or prosthesis can be installed on such an artificial “root” implant. Dental implants can completely replace missing teeth.

The implant healing time is from 2 months.

According to recent advances, under favorable conditions, immediate prosthetics are possible.

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    Engraftment guarantees

    Each organism is individual, however, according to statistics, the survival rate of implants is 95-99%. In addition, the material from which the implant is made, titanium, has a high ability to engraft into bone tissue.

    With proper implantation and proper oral care, the service life of implants is unlimited and they can serve the patient for the rest of his life.

    Engraftment guarantees
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    Clinic principles

    Minimally invasive
    Comfort and high service
    Clean and sterile
    Modern methods and equipment
    Improving knowledge
    Individual approach

    Implantation stages:

    • Consultation, 3D diagnostics
    • Implantation procedure
    • Installation of the healing abutment
    • Prosthetics


    • How long does the implantation process take?
      The total duration of the process depends on the individual patient and can vary, but usually takes several months from implant placement to the final crown.
    • Is the implantation procedure painful?
      Most patients report minimal discomfort, especially with the modern anesthesia techniques used in our clinic.
    • What are the chances of implantation success?
      If you follow all the doctor’s recommendations and provide adequate care, the percentage of successful implantation is very high.

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