Surgical treatment at Veda Stom

Preservation and aesthetic restoration of natural teeth

The times when tooth extraction was a traumatic, painful procedure are, fortunately, a thing of the past. Our surgeons specialize in careful, gentle, patient-friendly removal, even in the most difficult cases.
We will remove the tooth atraumatically, using modern anesthesia methods - you won’t even notice how the operation goes.
Surgical treatment includes: simple and complex tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, root apex resection, tooth hemisection, closure of gum recession, lengthening of the clinical tooth crown, bone grafting.

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    Removal of a tooth. What are the stages?

    • Examination by a dental surgeon. Choosing a treatment option.
    • The tooth extraction procedure itself. The doctor applies the instrument and removes the tooth from the socket. If the tooth has not erupted or is destroyed, then access to the root is first created and then the tooth is extracted.
    • Antiseptic treatment of the hole, suturing - this is not necessary in all cases.
    Removal of a tooth. What are the stages?
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    Clinic principles

    Minimally invasive
    Comfort and high service
    Clean and sterile
    Modern methods and equipment
    Improving knowledge
    Individual approach

    How to care for your mouth after removal?

    • Do not eat for 2 hours after removal to avoid damage to the soft tissues of the oral cavity
    • Apply a cold compress to the surgical site for the first 3 hours.
    • Do not “lick” the hole;
    • Do not chew on the side of the extracted tooth;
    • Do not drink or eat anything very cold or hot until the next morning; for 7-10 days, adhere to a gentle diet, excluding hard, hot and spicy foods;
    • Brush your teeth with care twice a day;
    • for 3-4 days after surgery, limit physical activity, eliminate hypothermia and overheating of the body;
    • Stop smoking during the healing period.


    • How long does it take to recover from surgical procedures?
      Recovery time may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and the individual characteristics of the patient, but our specialists will provide all the necessary recommendations to speed up this process.
    • Are surgical procedures painful?
      Thanks to the use of modern anesthesia methods, discomfort is minimized. After surgery, painkillers may be prescribed.
    • How to prepare for a surgical procedure?
      During the consultation, the doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure, including recommendations on nutrition, hygiene and necessary medications.

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