Professional hygiene at Veda Stom

The first step to healthy teeth!
Comprehensive professional dental hygiene

Regular professional oral hygiene, prof. Dental examinations are components of the prevention of caries and gum disease.

Delicate plaque cleansing, tartar removal, enamel strengthening are the stages of professional oral hygiene. The procedure must be carried out once every 6 months.

At VedaStom: professional and high-quality approach, advanced equipment. High-quality professional hygiene without stress, pain and discomfort. Our specialists will provide an individual approach to each patient!

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    Professional dental hygiene helps:

    • Remove visible and invisible dental deposits from the enamel surface
    • Remove stains caused by food dyes or bad habits
    • Find your natural teeth color
    • Strengthen enamel
    • Reduce the risk of developing inflammatory diseases of gum tissue, as well as caries - by 30-50%.
    • Provide fresh breath.
    Professional dental hygiene helps:
    Start treatment

    Clinic principles

    Minimally invasive
    Comfort and high service
    Clean and sterile
    Modern methods and equipment
    Improving knowledge
    Individual approach


    • Are there age restrictions for professional dental hygiene? No, this procedure is suitable for people of all ages and is an important part of caring for your teeth and gums throughout your life.
    • Is the procedure painful?
      The procedure usually does not cause pain. We use gentle and effective cleaning methods that are comfortable even for sensitive teeth.
    • How often should you have professional dental hygiene? It is recommended to undergo the procedure every 6 months, but the frequency may vary depending on the individual needs of the patient.

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