Prosthetics at Veda Stom

Is a key step to restoring your bite and perfect smile.
What is dental prosthetics?

This is the restoration of severely damaged or lost teeth. If teeth are damaged or there are defects, we will offer ceramic inlays, veneers or crowns.
If we are talking about the complete absence of one or more teeth, or the entire dentition, implantation and prosthetics on implants come to the rescue.
We will help you in any case, even the most difficult! And we will use the most advanced technologies. We will create for you a new perfect smile that will look absolutely natural, like your natural teeth.

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    How do we at VedaStom restore teeth?

    • An inlay is like a piece of a ceramic puzzle. It is needed when a filling no longer helps - the tooth is significantly damaged.
    • A crown is a durable ceramic “cap.” It covers and protects the tooth from all sides.
    • Veneers are thin but durable ceramic coverings on the front of the teeth. There will be that same Hollywood smile.
    • Crowns on implants. If there is no tooth, first an artificial root is fixed into the bone tissue, then an abutment is an “adapter” between the implant and the crown. And in the finale - a crown.
    How do we at VedaStom restore teeth?
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    How to care for a prosthesis?

    Their service life depends on how carefully the patient cares for crowns, veneers or complete dentures and monitors oral hygiene.
    Dentures in our clinic are made using the most modern technologies from high-quality materials. We strictly follow the fixation protocol - this ensures that there are no gaps that make maintenance difficult. After completion of treatment, you will receive a selection of home hygiene products and individual recommendations from your attending orthopedic surgeon.



    • How long does it take to install crowns?
      Installation time may vary, but typically takes several visits over a couple of weeks.
    • Is crown placement painful?
      The procedure usually does not cause pain as it is performed under local anesthesia.
    • What is the lifespan of dental crowns?
      With proper care and regular visits to the dentist, crowns can last 10-15 years or longer.

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