Therapeutic treatment at Veda Stom

Preservation and aesthetic restoration of natural teeth
Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic treatment includes treatment of caries and its complications. As well as dental restoration with aesthetic restorations.

Treatment and restoration of teeth are performed in cases where the damaged tooth has sufficiently preserved walls to restore its normal anatomical shape.

Aesthetic restoration is carried out in cases where it is necessary to change the shape, edges, and color of teeth.

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    There are 4 stages of caries development:

    • Caries in the spot stage
    • Initial or superficial caries
    • Average caries
    • Deep caries
    There are 4 stages of caries development:
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    Clinic principles

    Minimally invasive
    Comfort and high service
    Clean and sterile
    Modern methods and equipment
    Improving knowledge
    Individual approach

    What is tooth restoration?

    Tooth restoration is a dental procedure aimed at sectional restoration of the coronal surface of teeth, or, more simply put, restoration is the same as a filling, only the term restoration gives the work art, and in this case, in addition to functionality, the aesthetic side also comes to the fore, which obliges the doctor to try to restore the damaged tooth in its original form obtained from nature.
    Depending on how badly the tooth is damaged, the severity is determined. Based on the severity, the doctor selects the appropriate technology, materials, and restoration methods.


    • How often should you visit a therapist?
      It is recommended to have check-ups with your dentist at least twice a year to prevent the development of diseases and maintain oral health.
    • Is treatment for tooth decay and root canals painful?
      Modern anesthesia techniques make these procedures virtually painless. Our specialists make every effort to ensure patient comfort.
    • How long do fillings and restorations last?
      The service life of fillings and restorations depends on the material, installation technique and individual oral care habits.

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